With melodies running through her head, Alison Rose picked up her guitar and taught herself how to write songs in her early teens. Either from a story or a real life event, her songs are always real and relatable. From love to heartbreak and the ups and downs of the in-betweens, she draws influence from artists like Regina Spektor, Florence and the Machine, and Feist. With her debut album released this spring, she asks you to come a little closer, and listen in.

From age 20 through 25 Alison Rose wrote, recorded, re-wrote and re-recorded her debut album titled Come a Little Closer.

The album was primarily recorded in a large log cabin in a village in eastern Ontario. Here Alison Rose would isolate herself for weeks at a time writing and recording stories from real life events or inspired fantasies, drawing influence from inspired artists.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Alison played most of the instruments on the album herself.

“I wanted to bring in some outside talent to help give the album some character and depth. I can’t play trumpet or violin, and I’m not the best drummer in the world. Bringing in some outside talent helped inspire me to finish the project, and elevate the recordings to a higher level.”

The full length album, Come a Little Closer was released May 28th and is is available now





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